Violin Cabinet  (Beethoven's Metronome)
The idea for the shape of this cabinet was inspired by an article I read some years ago about Beethoven's faulty metronome and the influence on his compositions.  It is a really interesting story, but I kept thinking how the tapered shape of the early metronome might be a good shape for an instrument display case.  It turns out there are a lot of difficult to predict complications to making a functional cabinet like this.  For one, I didn't know for sure if the door would stay open or annoyingly slam shut, overcome by gravity.  It turns out it stays put when opened, and gently swings shut.  The case is made from cherry with a frame and panel back of figured maple.  The feet, door pull and drawer pull are ebonized.
The cabinet is made to house a violin or viola and accessories.  The instrument stand is separate and can be removed from the case
35 1/2" H x 20"W x 10" D
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